The Offering


We place our main emphasis on:

  • Homemade pasta
  • A blend of rustic and sophisticated starters and antipasti.
  • A selection of masterfully decorated fresh homemade deserts.
  • Meat dishes ranging from elegant veal dishes to all of the popular cuts of steak, with a distinctive Italian flavor.
  • An extensive array of fresh fish, shell-fish and other seafood, served with Italian finesse. Our food is about embracing nostalgia through our heritage by reconnecting with our cooking history of age old family recipes. These age old recipes have been rediscovered with a new awareness of organic and free-range products.

We have redefined boundaries while maintaining the authentic, robust and hearty home cooked meals. We celebrate the pleasure of good food and wine and have given authentic Italian faire a very distinctive unique and contemporary edge. Tradition has been remixed full of passion and fragrance - nothing complicated, just simple, delicious dishes which are a wake up call to the senses.


Wine is not just reserved for special occasions. We feel that every meal is in its own right a special occasion. Matching food and wine can provide endless surprises; some wines are complimentary partners to dishes while others thrive on contrast. The wine list which offers excellent variety has been tailor made by a renowned wine specialist who understands our dishes intimately. Wines on the menu cater for all needs, from the occasional drinker to the wine connoisseur.

A large selection of local and imported wines will be stocked in our cellar. Staff will be trained to suggest the correct wine with the meal being enjoyed.