The Culture

It is the intention of management to develop, over a period of time, a culture that will be ingrained in the entire organization. From the actions, values and examples set by management, procedures and operations documents, rules and codes of ethics, visual and audio material, this culture will develop over time.

New global principles in the food industry have become prevalent and the knowledge and understanding of these principles will not only make the workplace more fulfilling and bring order to chaos so often rife in hospitality organizations, but will also maximise potential for growth and development.

Employee understanding of ‘cause and effect’ relationships between their actions and results, knowledge and awareness are factors that will not only create a pleasant workplace but ultimately assist in the organization achieving its objectives.

Extensive brand awareness and marketing plan as well as the implementation of the recently completed operations manuals will be driven from the existing Allora branded stores. Goals and targets for these stores have been set and strategies to achieve these budgets will be the main focus of the organisation over the 2010/2011 period.