The Concept

Allora Ristorante Classico is designed around the concept of a traditional Italian village. The focal points of the restaurant are the central fountain and the very distinctive wood burning ovens, enchantingly decorated using warm mosaic brickwork that gives a sun-drenched effect. The style of this casual yet sophisticated restaurant is closer to fine dining than most contemporary Italian. The vibrant colours and the warm menu are truly in sync.

The mix of simplicity and the ability to wed rustic flavours with modern culinary innovations will dazzle even the most refined palates. Each dish is artistically arranged and vibrantly colored. The price paid for the offering is exceptional good value for money, and the menu caters for the majority of clients needs. Vegetarians will be delighted with the number of delicious and creative choices. Patrons looking for a quick, light meal have a number of options and the diner looking to impress a guest with a more serious experience find Allora the perfect venue. A large emphasis is placed on wine, with an in-store wine cellar being a focal feature.

A hugely experienced owner/manager team, from a diverse restaurant background, has succeeded in implementing key factors that create a successful operation. We draw on this experience, to make the Allora concept successful.