Look and Feel

Allora is distinctly up-market with a refined atmosphere. It is sophisticated, yet its village feel makes it lean away from being pretentious. White linen tablecloths confirm the restaurants elegance. Yet it remains pleasantly convivial. Its décor is eye-catching but not overbearing.

The design of the restaurant is a recreation of a typical village setting. Communal ovens in the village square were lit early in the morning while the villagers would prepare dishes of roast or trays of dough and later converge on the square to cook their meals. A bee hive effect around the ovens was developed while the villagers socialized as their food was cooking. Typical scenes from the village square have become key design elements. The large stone and brick double volume ovens and the water well or ‘Fontana’ has become our signature.

Allora is a festive choice for its color, richness and texture which gives it its irresistible warmth. A mix of old and new has set the mood to create an environment for patrons to reflect, and the contrasts allow nostalgia to set in.

Rough and highly textured finishes have been used together with smooth and refined textures. Base, earthy colours have been fused with some bright primary colours.